irhamna ya Rahman

perjalanan mencari keredhaanMu bukannya mudah..pasti wujudnya ranjau duri yang tak terjangkau oleh fikiran kita.. kuatkan hati kami Ya Allah..berkati kami..redhai kami..irhamna ya Rahman ya Rahiim..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hmm.. finally, I’ve made it!! For a long time I had decided to create my own blog but always being hindrance by many reasons…hmm my own reasons actually..however, yet to decide how this blog will run… some people make it as their own diary…posting their every day’s activities… somehow there are people that just copy and paste articles, tazkirah, Q n A… there are also person that posting poetry that they created by their own! Awesome!! I can’t do that..not being born as such talented person..huhu.. so? Maybe I’ll run it evently..hmm I’ll think about it later.. How about rena and k.Ac? any suggestion? Since both of u are more expert compare to me in this field…jgn kedekut ilmu.. tak baik.. aini, how about u? bila nak maju ni..hurry up aini!! Hehe..aini is talented person in conscience..kalau ada blog mesti best nye.. oklaa nak prepare for lunch..actually now is 10 minutes to eleven a.m… since subuh pun awal (3.45 dah masuk waktu)..breakfast n lunch pun kena awal la kan.. Johannesburg (Joburg) now in his summer period.. even summer sejuk gak tau…pada anak khatulistiwa cam kami ni..kena bertahan la kalau tak nak pakai baju sejuk..eating and sleeping are more nikmat here.. hehe… alasan or sebab???


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